My Story

Hello and welcome! My name is Nicole Leite and I am a certified Peristeam Facilitator who has gained my knowledge of Pelvic Steaming from Keli Garza’s Steamy Chick Institute, through personal experience and the facilitation of friends and family.

The following story is my journey through infertility before I learned about Pelvic Steaming and how I got to where I am today.

My husband and I met later in life, and we didn’t get married until I was 35 years old. After a year of trying to conceive, we realized that getting pregnant wouldn’t be as simple as having sex without birth control.

That is when I started to learn about my menstrual cycle and that most women don’t conceive on any day of the month. Women need to be ovulating to conceive, and the window of when that conception needs to happen is small for some women. After several months of checking my temperature daily, peeing on ovulation sticks, timing when my husband and I should have sex, and how often we should have sex, we decided to seek expert advice from a fertility expert.

After several hormone injections, daily checkups with the fertility doctor, lots of emotions, and quitting my career in marketing analytics to focus on my well-being, we conceived with our only viable embryo. A true miracle for us! My husband and I were grateful for the birth of our healthy son the following spring.

After our fertility journey of the past few years, we decided against additional treatments. However, we did want another child, and I looked for ways to conceive naturally. One of the books I read was The Fourth Trimester. In this book, Kimberly Ann Johnson highlights the fertility benefits of Pelvic Steaming.

Steaming was a long shot, but I was optimistic. I had to be.

I turned 40 the day before my son was born. Two months later, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had surgery to remove my thyroid (a critical gland that regulates many hormones in the body) and was now 41 years old. Never did I ask anyone if I could still even conceive without a thyroid, but I figured I could since I had been taking synthetic thyroid medication for over a decade already. 

With hope in my heart and research in my background, I began discovering everything I could about Pelvic Steaming. My wonderful husband even built me a beautiful steam seat. But I was going it alone (yes, I like to figure things out myself) and steamed whenever I felt the urge. I had a lot to learn!

That fall, my period was late. 

For five mornings in a row, I took pregnancy tests. Could we really be pregnant? At the week mark, I excitedly called by OB/GYN for a confirmation appointment. A day later, I started to bleed. 

I thought to myself – well, this happens, right? It didn’t last time, but that doesn’t matter, right? When the bleeding increased, I called the doctor. The nurse on the phone knew. I was still hopeful. I was asking if this could be normal – that somehow this was still a viable pregnancy. Heartbreakingly, it was not. It was a miscarriage. 

Out of the sadness, I found solace that I had, for the first time, gotten pregnant without traditional fertility treatments. Steaming really did help me!

I was all in!

I am always hungry for knowledge, a born researcher, and like to be thorough. I wanted to learn the best way to steam, what protocols worked, and how to build a practice for my health. And I did! Soon after, I began my official Pelvic Steaming training.

I learned how to care for my menstrual health through a trained Peristeam Hydrotherapist. These lessons have been life-changing. It does not surprise me that ancient wisdom from worldwide cultures already knew this and that Western medicine shuns it. On the other hand, I want to share this wisdom with every woman I meet.

Every woman knows a lot is going on in their pelvic space. And we know when something is off. Once I started sharing my journey and how excited I was about Pelvic Steaming, everyone had a story to share. People talked to me about their fertility challenges, irregular and painful periods, fibroids and ovarian cysts, chronic yeast infections, and UTIs. Doctors frequently minimize symptoms and ignore women’s pleas for help.

I want to help. I want to share the practice of Pelvic Steaming in the hope that it can help women on their health journey.

As for my journey, I am healthy and happy and have decided to give birth to something new … Harmony Steam.

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