How does steam support my menstrual health?

One of the questions I’m often asked about when it comes to Pelvic Steaming is understanding how steam is beneficial to the body. As referenced in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, “the use of water for various treatments (hydrotherapy) is probably as old as mankind. Use of water in various forms and in various temperatures can produce different effects on different system[s] of the body.”

When we break out the different tools utilized during a Pelvic Steam session, we find that all four elements of life are being utilized.

  1. WATER, when heated, is used to create the steam.
  2. The water needs to be contained in a pot that is in the form of EARTH. Herbs are also infused in the hot water which is also in the form of EARTH.
  3. FIRE or a heating element is used to heat the water to create steam.
  4. AIR supports the creation of fire and helps the water to rise into steam.

Pelvic Steaming is a natural process that includes all four elements of life.

Now let’s dive into steam, what it can do and what that means for our menstrual health.

Steam is cleansing.

Steam has the ability to penetrate cells in our body better than water alone. When a woman has sutures after giving birth, she will have better success keeping the area clean with steam than spraying the area with water.

Steam moves and lifts.

The steam engine functioned due to the properties and capabilities of steam. Steam has the ability to propel things forward. In the body, this looks like increased circulation. Steam is also an effective lifting gas, having 60% lifting ability as helium and twice the lift as hot air. When Pelvic Steaming, the steam will increase circulation and tighten the ligaments, lifting the organs back in place. It is an effective solution to aide in the relief of organ prolapse.

Steam tonifies.

Have you ever had a facial and noticed that the esthetician will use steam on the face to tighten wrinkles? The steam during a Pelvic Steam session can help for the same reason. Women who Pelvic Steam have reported that their vagina feels tighter and more elastic.

Steam erodes.

The steam engine is no longer popular because steam would erode the steel. Over time, steam is known to erode solid objects. Now think about fibroids, which are a solid ball of phlegm stuck in the uterus. If steam can erode steel and solid objects, then I think it can break down a fibroid.

Steam liquidizes.

Steam is often used to aid in the congestion from a cold or flu.  I often take a hot shower when I’m congested to help loosen up the mucus from my sinuses so that I feel better. The same happens during a Pelvic Steam session. The liquidizing property of steam is useful in uterine health by clearing out irregular mucus and old phlegm.

Pelvic Steaming is a healthy and natural approach to supporting your menstrual health. While anyone can try steaming on their own, it’s important to consult with an experienced practitioner to ensure a safe and customized experience. At Harmony Steam, we offer Pelvic Steam Consultations to support your Pelvic Steam journey.

Pelvic steaming is NOT advised while:

  • Pregnant, think you might be pregnant, or after ovulation if you’re trying to conceive
  • You have an active menstrual cycle or spotting
  • Experiencing an active burning itch
  • Using certain birth control methods (e.g. tubal ligation, etc.) unless willing to use an alternative birth control method