Pelvic Steam Products

We support women who want to nourish their self-care practice with Pelvic Steaming by empowering them with the necessary tools and resources to practice in the comfort of their own home with a safe and customized treatment plan by our trained practitioners. If you’re new to Pelvic Steaming, we recommend an initial Pelvic Steam consultation prior to purchasing or renting any Pelvic Steam products. 

Steam Seats

Herbal Blends

Steam Supply Rentals

We currently have Pelvic Steam seats, glass pots and burners available for rent.


The steam seats and glass pots are from our favorite brand, Kitara Love. Beautifully designed, and expertly crafted, the Kitara Steam Seat is made in Maine by women with love. This service is only available to locals and includes drop off and pick-up.