Register today for an 8 week gathering for mothers who want to understand the unseen arc of their motherhood journey and move out of confusion and into greater clarity and wisdom within a supportive community

Every Wednesday from Sept. 6th - Oct. 25th at the Buellton Rec. Center

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MotherCircle Topics

The structure and content of MotherCircle was developed by Kimberly Ann Johnson and Jessica Connolly (both pictured above) with the intention to build and expand upon MotherCulture.


Embarking on the journey of motherhood takes one into an uncharted realm, often unnoticed and unacknowledged by the external world. Discover the path of this profound journey, equip yourself with the necessary tools to be fully present in it, and find validation as you navigate your way through its depths.


By recognizing our cyclical essence, we can harmonize with our inherent maternal wisdom. Delve into the significance of synchronizing with the cycles within and around us, as it grants us greater access to our completeness and inner strength as mothers.


Everything a new baby needs, a new mother also needs. Acquire a potent framework for evaluating your physical and emotional well-being and discover how to address your body's needs at any stage of your journey through motherhood.


The interplay of predator-prey dynamics manifests in our childbirth and motherhood experiences. Investigate how being conscious of this and understanding your nervous system can influence your daily life and approach to motherhood.


Mothers frequently encounter a divide between their role as caregivers and their sexuality. Discover how to bridge this gap and embrace your ever-evolving sexuality while feeling more comfortable and connected with your body and sexual identity.


The process of giving birth is a transformative experience that deeply impacts us. We will delve into methods of tapping into and expressing this experience, uncovering the profound wisdom it holds for our individual paths in motherhood.


Becoming a mother alters our perspective on our role in the world of work. Investigate the connection between your self-worth and the value you bring, and integrate practices into your motherhood journey that nurture and strengthen your sense of worthiness.


We are presented with a significant chance to envision the legacy we wish to leave behind. Our experiences are influenced by the maternal line we come from and the mothers in our lives, but we have the power to select what we want to pass on. We'll identify the values we want to embrace in our motherhood journey and shape the lineage we aspire to create.

Santa Ynez Valley MotherCircle is for...

  • All mothers with children of any age
  • Women who are pregnant or want to become mothers
  • Grandmothers
  • Mothers seeking a sense of community with other moms
  • Mothers who want to come together to discuss meaningful topics and share their wisdom about motherhood
  • Mothers who aspire to embrace a fresh narrative and redefine motherhood according to their own values

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Get to Know Your Facilitator

Hi, my name is Nicole, daughter of Penelope, granddaughter of Patricia and Wanda, great granddaughter of Billie Jean, and mother of Jameson.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining MotherCircle. In the Spring of 2023, along with 180 other participants from across the World, I signed up for a course called MotherCircle Facilitator training with little information about what to expect. My hope and intention was to gain a different perspective of motherhood, and to receive valuable wisdom and insights from other mothers. It wasn’t until I experienced MotherCircle as a participant that I developed a desire to offer MotherCircle to mothers in my community.

My experience and intention for others is that MotherCircle is a personal journey of self exploration through motherhood that is witnessed and supported by other women in the group.

I hope you’ll join me in September!

Xoxo, Nicole

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