What are the benefits of Pelvic Steaming?

Benefits of Pelvic Steaming

Pelvic Steaming has a variety of health benefits to support a woman’s menstrual cycle. Here are six of our top reasons to integrate Pelvic Steaming into your self-care regimen.

  1. Create a harmonious menstrual cycle: Menstrual cycles are meant to be 28-30 days with a period that lasts 4 days with no discolored discharge. Many women suffer from menstrual cycles that are too long, too short, have discolored discharge or annoying symptoms. Pelvic Steaming is a nourishing way to support and balance your menstrual cycle to alleviate unwanted symptoms.
  2. Relieve ovulation and menstrual cramps: Cramping during menstruation is often due to the body trying to push out old blood and tissue from a past period during its normal cleansing process each month. Pelvic Steaming is a way to help loosen up old blood or clots so that they can come out with your period.
  3. Increase lubrication: Women often suffer from vaginal dryness which can cause irritation and discomfort. Pelvic Steaming can help alleviate these symptoms by increasing the lubrication within the vagina. Some women found to have an increased sex drive and satisfaction after implementing a regular steam plan into their self-care practice.
  4. Reduce stress: Pelvic Steaming offers you a moment to slow down during your busy day and take care of yourself. It’s a great opportunity to utilize the time to read a book, journal your emotions or relax and meditate into the experience.
  5. Dissolve stored or blocked emotions: Unprocessed emotions can often get stuck in the body. The pelvic region or womb space is a location where women often store traumatic or stuck emotions. Pelvic Steaming is a self-healing modality that will support the release of these emotions.
  6. Relief from infections: When sick, the steam from a shower is a common approach to alleviate mucus during a cold or flu. Similarly, Pelvic Steaming is a way to rid of unwanted mucus in the vagina to help clear bacterial, yeast and urinary tract infections.

At Harmony Steam, we support women who want a balanced menstrual cycle by empowering them with the necessary tools and resources to practice in the comfort of their own home with a safe and customized treatment plan by our trained practitioners.

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    Pelvic steaming is NOT advised while:

    • Pregnant, think you might be pregnant, or after ovulation if you’re trying to conceive
    • You have an active menstrual cycle or spotting
    • Experiencing an active burning itch
    • Using certain birth control methods (e.g. tubal ligation, etc.) unless willing to use an alternative birth control method